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Sele Group, established in 1970, has decades of experience in the energy, mining & agriculture sectors. The company owns & operates oil and gas fields across Indonesia as well as mining concessions on nickel, coal and lead. Sele Group has also formed strategic partnerships with global Dutch and Chinese prominent energy players.

Apart from operating mining, oil and gas and agriculture concessions, Sele Group controls several supporting companies such as drilling, seismic, transportation and other services sectors. With the spirit of horizontal diversification, Sele Group advances further within the Indonesian ingredients business.

About Sele Ingredients

Who We are?

Founded by Yasin Rahardja with a spirit to offer quality ingredients competitively to the Indonesian food and beverage manufacturers.

Sele Ingredients is a subsidiary of Sele Group and set to redefine the industry’s expectation and perception of ingredients into prototypes you can see, smell and taste. We offer multitude of solutions to solve your product development challenges not only organoleptically but also commercially.

Reach out to us so we can demonstrate how can our ingredients be part of your product’s success.

Vision & Mission


Striving to create high value-added ingredients as well as to estabilish innovative supply chain management systems for the overall improvement of the Indonesian consumers.


To be part of supply chain in both principals and customers, with quality and reliable ingredients for mutual successes.


  • Efficient inventory = Competitive pricing
  • FIFO (First In First Out) dispatch = product freshness
  • ISO-standard forecasting & ordering flow = Minimum buffer stocks
  • Barcoding & computerized administration = Minimum errors
  • Seamless connectivity to customers / suppliers system = Good communications.
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Quality Control and Inspection Procedures

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Order Processing


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